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News Of States  is the news web portal of INDIA. Our web portal of India’s Public Service Broadcaster has been successfully discharging its responsibility to give balanced, fair and accurate news without sensationalizing as well as by carrying different shades of opinion. this portal was launched on 01/06/2016 .  this is currently producing news content in Hindi language. This web portal  also telecast  daily current affairs program. Special shows on Health, Youth issues, Cinema, Art & Culture, flagships schemes, communal harmony, employment opportunities, international events, market developments etc are produced in-house by the News Of States web portal. This web portal is also scrolling news round the clock in Hindi   with stock tickers (BSE/NSE) and commodity tickers. It has 35 functional Regional News Units / Bureaus which are broadcasting over 170 news bulletins .

Its Twitter handle @newsofstates is tweeting news and updates round the clock. The YouTube channel of News_of_States is putting out headlines, videos and special programmes  regularly.

News Of States web portal is more than a just a newspaper. It is people’s voice and soul too. A pure form of journalism which never compromises in reporting quality and in the traditional values and ethics of journalism. Today News Of States web portal is counted among the very best in India. It has shown the highest readership growth among other news portals  of India. A sheer acknowledgement of the editorial initiatives that often sets the agenda for the Governance and keeps track of the issues that are central to reader’s life. News Of States web portal is circulated from all over INDIA.

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